Pre-holiday musings

As a sort my inbox desk and paperwork ready for a virtual holiday (I love that term - thank you to the colleague that passed it on! ), it’s a really good chance to reflect on what the last 11 weeks have bought.

I seem to have been through every emotion under the sun and I’m sure that is true of everyone I work with. As COVID hit, I really had to look at my whole business – ensuring that commitment to existing work was fulfilled in different and new ways, looking at work that was planned in and supporting clients that had needs due to the COVID crisis.

I faced the challenge of learning to train remotely – I still find it tricky –particularly when the unexpected happens e.g. my whole screen goes blank or I screen share the wrong document!

But somethings never change. I’m privileged to spend the majority of my time working in the Social Care and voluntary sectors. Again and again I am humbled by the staff I work with. A cohort who literally started a level four ‘Working with Parents’ course on the day of lockdown have worked through the induction,  the taught sessions and the tutorials….and are well on their way to completion. Most of this contingent are also working full time and home educating.

There have been some great discussions with the groups I am coaching on the return to social work program. Again we’ve had the challenges of everyone using different technology, the Wi-Fi going in and out and getting locked out of a meeting, but we’ve had lots of laughs and I’ve been really impressed by their commitment.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve taken the plunge and offered some open courses. The great thing about that of course is that people from all over the country can access. That has bought a real richness to the conversations and discussions, particularly around safeguarding challenges.

And one of my final really exciting task is to work with my colleague Steve looking at how we can safely start first aid training again.

So I suppose this  has been a time of reflection. In Social Care we talk a lot about resilience – our own resilience and developing the resilience of those we work with. For everyone I know and work with  how resilience has been tested in the last few months but it’s great as I pause to consider how people have risen to the challenge.

Those of you that know me will know I have a fairly wicked sense of humour so it’s good to remember there have been some laughs along the way – the kitten that made its way onto a zoom call and totally disrupted the course with its  antics! The learners that think they have muted themselves and we have to keep shouting that they haven’t so we don’t overhear a domestic dispute!  Cue for me to quickly mute them.  And of course the children who have wandered into calls demanding food, help or just to join in!  The photo shows a moment of fun – the Eater bunny getting first aid as part of the Almondbury Business and Community Association Eater Bunny Hunt!

Please keep staying safe and well!

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