Feedback from my clients...

I work with clients from the voluntary and charitable sector, local authorities and businesses offering a variety of training including guidance a business requires (for example, first aid and safeguarding) and a wide range of development opportunities.

Some examples of my recent areas of work along with feedback are below. This is just a sample of the work I do and I would be more than happy to meet you to discuss the needs of your organisation further.

February 2024: Emergency First Aid at Work Course

We were pleased to support a local business based in Elland with their First Aid requirements. Running 2 courses meant that we could offer staff a choice of dates which suited them.

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February 2024: Feedback received from Professional Boundaries Training: Haringey Council

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February 2024: Designated Safeguarding Lead Training

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January 2024: Feedback received from Staff Safe Space Training

What have you found useful?

  • Refresh processes and where to start when worried
  • Doing training with staff hat on
  • TED acronym
  • Recap of SSL3
  • Office related scenarios
  • Betari box theory diagram
  • Useful doing the SSL4 training with Region team was helpful and supportive
  • The whole session – opportunity to discuss and reflect in a team situation
  • To think about staff role vs volunteer perspective
  • Open discussions and reminders of good practice
  • Positive and friendly presentation training style
  • Acronyms and simple charts were useful
  • Mixing groups of commissioners and non-commissioners so can hear from first hand experiences
  • Reminder of everything done in the past by an inspirational trainer

What would you change?

  • Make some of the scenarios office based - events that could happen whilst at work
  • More group discussions/scenarios
  • Can’t think of anything it was great – thank you
  • It was great and very useful
  • Need to ensure we continue to have conversations as a team, retain our knowledge and give support to each other our members
  • Delivery could be slightly slower
  • Not much – maybe a few more in office situations (clutching straws here)
  • Nothing, it was perfect – thank you.

January 2024: One day First Aid Course run for 5 staff at a school in Calderdale

A change to the way they deliver their classes over several sites meant they needed extra first aid cover at short notice. Thanks to Paul – one of the associate team – who stepped into help out and got some great feedback:

  • A good course which covers relevant topics in a day - thank you
  • Paul made the training fun and enjoyable
  • Very informative training
  • Tutor had great knowledge
  • Thank you, it was fantastic

January 2024: Health Promotion

Working with a small group of voluntary organisations in  Kirklees (Yorkshire) to run a session about how they can support with Health Promotion. 

At  the end of the session I asked: Please put in the chat one thing you are going to do as a result of the training and any feedback about today’ session

  • Will use the Kirklees website more for ideas on health promotion
  • Look carefully at the JSNA data and insight including Health Promotion campiagns and how we can add value "Together"
  • Share this with the team and highlight how its everyone’s responsibility to promote and be aware of up to date guidelines
  • Really enjoyed how everyone got involved and seemed passionate
  • Thank you
  • I will explore heath and inequalities to understand how it will impact male and females differently.
  • Thanks

January 2024: Paediatric First Aid Course

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January 2024: Safeguarding Course for Voluntary Groups

Feedback from an introductory training session run by Gaye one of our associates for charities in Calderdale – we were particularly pleased that one delegate wanted a longer session!

  • Useful, general course. Thanks.
  • Very useful and informative.
  • Really interesting.  I don't often want to sit in a zoom meeting but suggest a 10 minute break in the middle, then go on til 12.30!
  • Useful reminders - thank you very much
  • Thanks very much!
  • Found it interesting and felt I’ve learnt a lot thank you very much
  • It was useful to learn and get resources to look at and read for further study
  • Thank You
  • Very informative, and lead well - thank you :)
  • Useful course and great refresher on safeguarding.  Thank you
  • Good overview, but has highlighted the complexity of safeguarding and the importance
  • Very useful thank you.   It's complicated with all the acts of parliament etc so I guess we rely on our organisations to develop protocols that are relevant and simple.
  • It brought the awareness of safeguarding into light, informative thank you

January 2024: Introduction to Food Safety

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December 2023: Paediatric First Aid Course

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December 2023: Girlguiding Safeguarding Training

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November 2023: Equality and Diversity a Step Further for foster carers, social workers and agency support staff

Two questions asked at end of session:

What went well?

  • Lots of information and resources
  • Excellent in every way – could be longer
  • Like activities in groups – encourages interaction and shared ideas
  • Easy to follow and not too in depth eg about terminology
  • Kept my interest
  • Course was accessible and entertaining and liked the way it was put over
  • Jill I loved your energy and attitude
  • Interesting and lively
  • Liked that there was a lot of interaction
  • So much follow on info to be able to access in the future
  • Jill has amazing knowledge which she can share in a friendly and accessible way
  • Great interactive teaching

One thing you would change?

  • Could be longer
  • Make it 4 hours instead of 3
  • The biscuits!!
  • Did autism training last week so this bit was an overlap
  • Would have liked more about white privilege and challenges of terrorism (discussed with learner and agreed this would be part of different trainings such as race equity and radicalisation/Prevent training)

November 2023: Customer Service Course

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November 2023: Paediatric First Aid Course

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November 2023: Safer Caring training session on Zoom for a group of foster carers

How have you found the session?  What would you change?

  • Helpful to learn about safer care plan
  • I liked the breakout rooms activities & I liked that there was a mixture of experience
  • Loved Professional Curiosity and T E D
  • Found the window of tolerance video and seeing the elephant from different perspective's good
  • Good blend of interactive and presentation content
  • I really enjoyed the breakout rooms too. It was so helpful to hear the more experienced carers experience and knowledge. This was a really good course and I’ve taken away so much valuable information.
  • This was really useful and the mixture of experience was invaluable. Lots of great advice and tips
  • Very useful and enables me to reflect on things I am missing. Love the breakout rooms and interacting with other carers. Some useful notes made to use.
  • Very useful and thought provoking course . Given in a clear and interesting way . I will definitely be reviewing my safer care / family policy plan more often .
  • Would be great to include a live example so we could see what one looks like.

November 2023: Emergency First Aid at Work Course

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October 2023: Course for West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service

All the learners attending the course felt their experience was worthwhile, it met their regulatory and personnel development needs and are now more confident to deal with fire safety situations.
They all concluded the session was well planned to meet the aim of the course, the quality of instruction was high and would recommend the course to other friends and colleagues.
Candidates best described their experience as enjoyable, more confident, motivating and inspirational.

October 2023: Equality and Diversity a Step Further Course

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October 2023: Equality Training designed to meet needs of local voluntary groups

At the end of the training, attendees were reminded this was a pilot session and were asked what had gone well:

  • Informality, not focussing too much on one thing – offered variety and case studies were helpful
  • A useful refresher and reminder – its handy going over everything quite broadly as I could pick and choose what was relevant to us
  • Love the quiz at the start (x2)
  • Contents are really great and informative
  • Concise snapshots of equality and diversity which covered the basics – a good start
  • Going through scenarios (x2)
  • What makes an inclusive culture exercise
  • Central location
  • Good snapshot and time for reflection
  • Case studies and group work – very practical and easy to understand. Can see how to implement things practically and also great to hear from other people in the group
  • Good pace
  • Jill shared her experience
  • Nice size of group
  • Good amount of content covered in correct depth for time available
  • Open discussions allowed me to learn from others.

September 2023: Emergency First Aid at Work Course

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September 2023: Feedback from a course run over 2 weeks focussing on Safeguarding in Leadership

What went well? Even better if?

  • What went well; technology was really well run and smooth.
  • Time keeping was excellent and the pace was really good. I found this course structure just right in terms of both group work and feedback, comments and leadership style. Thank you. I cannot think of anything for even better if.
  • Very swift and interaction between groups went well. Thank you!
  • Good combination of teaching and group discussion that worked well.
  • Enjoyed the breakout group discussions listening to others and sharing information.
  • Thank you! WWW learning from each other.
  • I can’t think how it could have been improved and I am grateful to the people who were willing to give feedback on group discussions.
  • Good interactions in groups. the sharing of information and experiences has been invaluable. Thank you
  • I didn’t want to come – it was marvellous, and I learnt a lot – lots of things I take for granted I have learn a lot about. Liked the breakout rooms. Good to have some of the case study up front to look at.

June 2023: Level 2 Food Safety course

This was a Level 2 Food Safety course run for a childminder and 3 groups of volunteers who prepare food as part of their roles. Feedback included:

  • Clear and informative training
  • Super trainer, so helpful with a good knowledge
  • Very clear assessment methods and very good meeting my training needs
  • The start of the session the course was clearly explained and very helpful
  • Lovely lady, nothing too much trouble - went the extra mile’

June 2023: Introduction to Safeguarding course

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June 2023: Emergency First Aid at Work Course

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May 2023: Safeguarding Level 2 training course

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March 2023: Working with Parents Level 4 training course

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March 2023: Girlguiding UK training courses

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March 2023: Emergency First Aid at Work Course

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March 2023: Paediatric First Aid Course

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February 2023: Training session with a local Community Interest Company, looking at funding bids and impact measurement

  • Really thought provoking - we needed a critical friend
  • Jill has been a fantastic presenter, very informative and detailed. Thank you Jill for your support.
  • Thanks Jill for a great session, it’s been action packed and lots of actions in place to move forward.

January 2023: Food Safety Course

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2023 Compliance course analysis for ITC (Awarding Organisation) courses

  • 101 forms returned
  • 99% of learners scored the course overall at 5 out of 5
  • 100% of learners found the trainer to be approachable
  • 100% of learners thought the trainer was knowledgeable

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